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Supply Manager is an cloud based inventory management procurement software package that allows our customers to have exactly what they need when they need it.

See the future

Our services help you forecast what materials you need at both peak and slow times. Our job is to ensure you never go without or find yourself overstocked.

Kings of the playground

Want to be the big shot on the playground? Our customers find themselves able to compete with the largest of institutions. FISI services are designed to give you the buying power of the giants.

Think big. Be big.

FISI will help you unleash the potential you may not know you have.

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Supply Manager is our cloud-based online inventory management and procurement software. If you are interested in taking your inventory management to the cloud, please contact us!

For our existing customers, you can log into your Supply Manager site to the right.

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About FISI

FISI is on the forefront in assisting clients improve business processes and cut cost through supply chain management expertise, technology and service solutions. FISI is an expert in a core group of marketplaces offering integrated programs for the financial, healthcare, manufacturing and union related groups.

A Leader in Office Consumable and Print Supply Chain Management

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Each supply chain engagement starts with an assessment.


Integration of Online Requisitioning, Inventory Management, Procurement and Accounting is provided to our clients by our unrivaled enterprise solution Supply Manager.


Fulfillment and Distribution are the backbone of supply chain management.


FISI focuses on getting you the best products at the best price. FISI will be a key part of your procurement team.

Reporting & Accounting

We work with you up front to design a program to meet your goals and define the metrics by which the success of the program will be measured.




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